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App Related

My garden is bigger than 8ft by 4ft! 

Yes, many people have gardens larger than the option that we have provided on the app. We did this, so that your boxes on the app would be easier to manage. We are working on making the option to have larger boxes, so stay tuned! In the meantime, we recommend splitting up your garden into multiple boxes on the app.

How do I delete a plant already added in the box?

Go into the 'My Garden' tab, tap the box you want to edit, then tap the 'Edit' button in the top right corner of the screen. From there you can delete the plants you want to replace by tapping the red 'x' buttons on the plant square. Then you just have to tap the empty square to fill it with the new plant you want.

How many seeds do I plant?

Go to the plant page of the plant you want to know about via the Library. Once there, click on “Tutorials” to view how many plants can grow per square foot.

What plants grow well/don't grow well with ____ plants?

Go to the plant page of the plant you want to know about via the Library. Once there you can see a list of “Companions” (plants that will grow well with your selected plant) and “Antagonists” (plants that won’t grow well with your selected plant).

I can't find my plant/plant variety on the list!

We are still a new app and there are thousands of plants in the world, so we may not have what you’re looking for. However, we want to hear about which plants you want to grow! Send us a message with the plants you want to grow and we’ll work on getting them on the Library for you.

How do I add/remove my location?

My Green Space uses your location to determine which plants you can grow and when based on which growing zone you live in. The location services option is in the top right corner of your app screen. If the city name is your current city, you’re all set. If not, click the city name in the top right corner and either tap the arrow that appears in the top right corner to automatically load your location, or manually type in your city in the search bar. If you do not wish to have your location on the app, you can either turn off your location services in your phone settings, or you can add a random city. But remember, this will limit your options within the app.

What does 'Transplant' mean under the planting dates section?

Sometimes it’s easier to grow plants by buying baby plants (called ‘seedlings’) and putting them in your garden, rather than starting from seeds. This process is called ‘transplanting’. On the plant dates section of each plant page, we tell you when you can plant the seeds for that particular plant and when you can transplant a seedling. For some locations, certain plants will not reach maturity in the growing season (for example, if the plant needs 6 months of summer heat, but a location only has 4 months of summer heat), in that case only transplant planting dates will be visible.

Gardening Related

What should I grow? 

First and foremost we recommend growing veggies you like to eat; that way, you get the most out of your garden! When you plan your garden box using our app, we’ll give you a plant list that is tailored to your garden space, sunlight, and location.

What can I grow right now?

If you go to the Library tab on our app, you will see our list of plants. If you have your location services turned on and your location is accurate (see FAQ question above for instructions on how to do this), a dark green bubble with the words “Plant now!” will appear on each type of plant that can be started right now.

What is easy to grow for a beginner? 

We recommend salad greens, like lettuce, spinach, and arugula, radishes, and carrots. If you’re a beginner, but want to try growing vegetables like cucumbers or tomatoes, we recommend buying seedlings (baby plants) from your local garden centre to get you started. Growing plants from seed can be tricky sometimes!

The season already began, am I too late to start growing?

It depends! Check the planting dates for the plants you want to grow to see when is the best time to start that plant. If you’re too late to plant seeds, you might still be able to grow the plants by buying seedlings (baby plants) from your local garden centre and transplanting them into your garden.

What type of soil do you recommend?

If you’re starting from scratch, topsoil from your local garden centre will be a great base for your new garden. If you already have soil and are looking to add more, we recommend using 1-2 bags of sea soil or mushroom manure.

What type of compost do you recommend?

We recommend using sea soil or mushroom manure. Both of these should be available at your local garden centre.

How often should I water my plants?

Don’t worry, we will remind you when to water! But if you’re curious, we recommend watering plants every 2-3 days to encourage plant roots to grow deeper into the ground making them more resilient in the hot, dry summer. If you’re concerned that your plants need water, stick your finger into your soil to see if there is still moisture at the roots. If there is moisture, your plants are doing just fine. If not, they could use a drink! Another sign your plants are thirsty, is if they are wilting (leaves are sagging and stem is tilting over).

Where can I buy seeds, soil and other garden supplies?

If you live between Horseshoe Bay and Hope in B.C., Canada we can ship seeds directly to you! Otherwise we recommend checking out your local garden centre or nursery for these things.