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Grow food
with confidence

My Green Space™ allows anyone to grow their own food.
Planning, reminders, tutorials and troubleshooting.
It’s like a master gardener in your pocket.

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Tailored recommendations for your garden’s success

Our app recommends the best plant varieties
for your specific garden conditions. City, Sunlight, Season.

Visually map out your garden

My Green Space™ uses location, plant biology, companion pairing, and pest management to give you the highest yielding, healthiest food garden possible.

Never forget to water again

My Green Space™ sends you notifications and tutorials at each stage; at planting, maintenance, and harvest. You will be confident each crop receives everything it needs for healthy growth.

Everything your garden needs in one store

My Green Space™ integrates e-commerce; recommending all the best supplies you will need, from organic soil to trellises, buying is an easy experience.

Our Mission

We believe every space deserves a garden. Grow food in yours.

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My Green Space™
Join us. Grow your own food™.

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